PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: Which one is truly better?


The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The current number of people who play games stands at a whopping 3.1 billion!

So yeah there are a lot of gamers around the world, for many, gaming is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion, and they want their gaming experience to be top-notch.

There has been a massive debate ever since the dawn of gaming as to which platform is better, users of both platforms often go back and forth claiming their platform to be the better option. So, let's settle this debate once and for all and find out, which is better, PCs or Consoles?


X box vs PS5 vs PC

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Why choose a console?

Why choose a PC?

Is the PS5 better than the modern PC?


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    The PC vs Console comparison is very subjective, to say the least. Anyone claiming with a sweeping statement that one is absolutely better than the other is simply not correct.

    It can be said that both of these platforms have their specific pros and cons since everyone has their distinct priorities in terms of what they want from their device, which means the platform that caters to your needs the best will be the best for you.

    Why choose a console? 

    PS4 controller

    If you're a person who does not want to indulge in technical things and just wants to play games effortlessly at the end of the day, consoles are for you. 

    Most consoles are plug and play; unlike PCs, they need almost no maintenance other than a wipe occasionally to clean the dust. In addition, you will not have to worry about changing parts or upgrading your console, unlike a PC. When the time comes, there will be a new console model out that you can buy. And above all other things, consoles are affordable, their attractive prices are what drive most consumers towards them in the first place.

    Being small and modular makes them portable, which means you can play games almost anywhere that you see fit.


    Consoles also have a very well integrated multiplayer system with integrated gameplay, sharing and voice chat; you will not have to use third-party apps like on a PC. Another thing that a PC player is bound to miss is the local multiplayer feature on consoles, which enables you to play with anyone on a single console, making games like Tekken and FIFA more fun.

    Apart from that, consoles also have a relatively short learning curve than a PC as the controllers usually have lesser buttons that are easy to learn.

    Many world-famous titles that the gaming community loves are console exclusives such as God of war and Witcher: Wild Hunt, which won the game developer’s choice awards in 2018 and 2015 respectively.

    Another major aspect that works towards favouring consoles is the near-perfect game optimization. PCs have a plethora of components and every user has a different combination of those, which means optimizing the game for everyone is a challenge for the developer. On the other hand, all consoles made by the same manufacturer have the same components. More often than not, different consoles can even share components, for example, the Xbox series X and PS5 have GPUs that are of the same architecture.

    This simplicity in terms of the hardware means that games are more likely to run smoother and with fewer hiccups.

     This is why you can see many newer games working on old-gen consoles.

    Not only that, console game discs are available for rent in many places around the world as these discs are not as easy to pirate compared to PC game discs, but console discs relatively cost higher than PC discs usually around $60.

    Lastly, newer consoles come with things like a Blu-ray player or even third-party apps like Netflix and YouTube. There is no doubt a console would be a great addition to your home theatre.


    Though consoles are great for gaming casually, they will feel lackluster in terms of performance, especially if you're a performance-oriented gamer who always wants the best frame rates or want to play competitively. In that case, it's better to opt for a Gaming PC that can meet your performance expectations.



    Why choose a PC?


    If competitive gaming is your thing or you just want the latest and greatest that the gaming industry has to offer, a PC is what you need.

    The biggest advantage PCs have over consoles is the improved graphics and visuals. Gamers can tweak their settings to get better colour depth or shading, setting their visuals significantly better than that of consoles. You can also choose how your PC will look and can add all sorts of fancy decorations to it.

    PC gamers also have the liberty to choose between better frame rates over resolution or vice versa depending on the situation, this adds another layer of control resting with the user.

    With the option to swap out GPUs and increase your rig's graphical potential, PCs can run the latest games at the highest possible graphical settings. A lot of the time this feature is locked in consoles to make the game run smoother as graphics and FPS are traded for stability in consoles.

    Unlike on consoles, with PCs, the sky is your limit in terms of performance and graphics.

    PC players also can access multiplayer features of games free unlike on consoles where you have a monthly fee attached to being able to play games online, the fee can go upwards of $60 per year.

    Another significant benefit that PC players have is that they can play cross-platform, meaning they can play with Xbox and PlayStation players without restrictions. Console players couldn’t really do that until recently where some games have bypassed the system and allowed cross-platform multiplayer for consoles too.

    PC players can also download mods for games: mods can fix bugs, add in better visuals mods that change gameplay logic, mods that add aesthetic changes, and mods that can change game UI to work better for people who have disabilities. Mods make great games even better.

    PC users can also enjoy a variety of input devices, ranging from a keyboard to a flight stick; even controllers of different consoles can be used on PCs. There are even input devices also available to handicapped users. Consoles do allow a mouse & keyboard but it isn't very well integrated and only a small number of games have the support for it on consoles.

    The PC games marketplaces like Steam host a collection many times larger than console-related online game stores, giving PC players more options in terms of games. These marketplaces also have very lucrative deals available and many games can be bought at a fraction of the price during sales.

    PCs also have an option for emulation, which lets you play mobile games like PUBG and older games from the PS1, PS2 era without breaking a sweat. You can go down memory lane by playing those old games that you used to play as a child.

    Lastly, PCs are not just for gaming you can use your PC for productivity and school or work. Having a PC at home is always useful.

    PCs are a great choice for gaming especially if you can cope with the regular maintenance and small hiccups that may come along, a well-maintained and looked-after PC can easily last you a lifetime.

    Is the PS5 better than the modern PC?

    The last-gen iteration into the console lineup happened back in 2013 when the PS4 and Xbox one were introduced. They were adequate in terms of performance at the time but as the years went on and technologies advanced, their capabilities became inferior to their PC counterparts and the performance disparity between PC and console widened. 

    This led to consoles being perceived as inferior in performance compared to PCs, especially due to their FPS being limited to 30, even updates to these models had the same problem and the only thing that improved was the resolution.

    Fast forward to 2021 and the PS5 and Xbox series X have been released.

    The PS5 is the more popular of the two consoles and has been compared to high-end PCs a lot. The comparisons aren't wrong, especially when you consider the PS5's impressive specs; it comes with the AMD Zen 2 based 8-core processor clocking at 3.5 GHz. Coupled with an even more powerful GPU based on AMD's innovative RDNA-2 architecture clocking at 2.23 GHz giving 10.3 Teraflops of performance.

    The CPU and GPU coupled with a 16 GB GDDR6 RAM put the PS5 right next to the most expensive PCs out there. 


    GPU and PS5 comparison
    Made by: Flourish

    A point worth noting here would be that, unlike last-gen, this time the Xbox is slightly more powerful than the PS5 due to its CPU having a clock speed of 3.8GHz. Other than that, both are identical in terms of specs and can output 4k 120FPS and are even expected to go up to 8K 60FPS in the future.

    As seen from the graph above the PS5 is almost comparable to the RTX 2080 Super. The GTX 2080 Super has a price tag of $700 but due to the current GPU shortage is selling for about $1000 on Amazon which is almost twice the price of the PS5 disc version which sells at $500, not to forget the Digital edition PS5 which sells for just $400. You can buy two Digital edition PS5s and still have money left in the price of a similar performance GPU. However, consoles are facing their own shortages but even if you buy the PS5 at a premium, you can get it at an average price of $700 which is still $300 more than the GPU.


    At the end of the day, both PC and consoles have their pros and cons, eventually the whole thing is just reduced to preference, you might be willing to compromise on some aspects while someone else will not be. Consoles now have become once again competitive to PCs in terms of performance, which means you can’t go wrong with either, but there is something you should consider: 

    A high-end PC may be a better option than the latest consoles despite the price difference on normal days, but recently due to shortages and price hikes, the latest consoles just make more sense while offering similar performance. For example, the PC you can build for $500 would massively underperform in comparison to a $500 PS5 or Xbox series X.

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