10 Best PC Cases To Buy In 2022

So, you’ve decided to build yourself a new PC. Well, you’ve got everything but are missing one piece. The case, that will enclose all the vital system parts. But what if you are unsure about which PC case to buy?

Don’t worry, as I have a list of the 10 best desktop computer cases. One of them might be yours soon, just waiting for your approval. Along the way, I’ll also guide you on how to select the best PC case, in case you are confused. So let’s get started!

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Things To Consider Before Buying PC Cases

The 10 Best PC Cases

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    Things To Consider Before Buying PC Cases

    Even though a computer case is one of the most interesting parts to choose from, there are many things to think about when trying to find the best one for your needs. Here are some tips on choosing one of the best PC cases for you.

  • Size

  • The PC cases come in 3 different sizes.

    Full Tower PC cases

    Full tower PC cases are significantly large. 

    • They frequently exceed 20 inches in height.
    • These cases can also accommodate extended-ATX motherboards.

    Choose full tower PC cases if you need a certain amount of room to create a high-end computer with numerous complex components.

    Mid Tower PC cases

    The most popular PC form factor is likely the mid-tower design.

    • They reach approximately 18 inches in height. 
    • They are designed for standard ATX motherboards and have sufficient space to accommodate systems with multiple graphics cards, a closed-loop CPU cooler, and a good deal of storage.

    Mini-ITX PC cases

    Mini-ITX enclosures are the smallest of the available options.

    • They are the antithesis of full-tower PC cases, designed for mini-ITX motherboards. 
    • These cabinets are ideal for individuals who may not have enough capacity to house even a mid-tower case.
  • Compatibility

  • Compatibility and clearance are the most prevalent difficulties to consider while purchasing a PC case. It is one of the most common issues people face while building a PC.

    Graphics card length

    If you're unsure about your graphics card's length or how much clearance your case has for a graphics card, check the specifications of both. If the length of your graphics card exceeds the length of your case, then you will have problems.

    Air CPU cooler height

    Check the specifications of both the casing and the air CPU cooler you're contemplating on getting to ensure they'll fit together.

    Liquid cooling radiator size

    Not all cases can fit every size of radiator. So, when you choose a liquid cooling setup (AIO or custom loop) to go with your case, make sure the radiator that it brings will fit inside your case by looking at the specs for your case.

  • Build Quality

  • Another essential factor is the build quality. When purchasing a cheaper case, keep in mind that the materials used to construct it will be of inferior quality. It may result in a less durable product with more dings and scratches.

    A more substantial frame is a hallmark of higher-end casings, which means they can withstand heavy use.

    There is, of course, no avoiding a lower-cost case alternative for some budget-conscious builders. And that's perfectly acceptable. Even though a cheap case may look good and have some excellent features, some corners were likely to be cut somewhere, and it's most likely that those corners were cut regarding the building quality and material of the case.

  • Aesthetics

  • It's true that PC cases have no direct effect on your system's performance, but imagine if the only case you could purchase was one of those cheap ones with a plain design.

    It diminishes the excitement of building the computer. I cannot overemphasise the importance of aesthetics in creating a nice appearance for your computer. Here are a few things you can consider.

    • Giving your build a fantastic look begins with choosing the best PC cases with plenty of space to hide the messy cabling.
    • Tempered glass see-through side panels are the hack for creating an impressive overall look for your computer.
    • Choosing PC cases that come with RGB lights is enough to make you stand out among your non-tech friends.


    After you've chosen the chassis that best meets your needs, you'll need to figure out a rough budget plan. If you save money, you'll likely get a case that lacks the minimal essentials, such as a plain case with few further specs.

    Choose a case with a front and rear fan setup for better cooling. This will allow you to run your computer at lower temperatures. But in the middle, you'll find a variety of designs that can do many functions. To ensure that a desktop cabinet can accommodate all of the necessary components, take precise measurements. 

    The extra features are pretty basic in this price range, but they get better as the price goes up.

    So, want to learn more about choosing a PC case? Check out my detailed guide on how to choose a PC case.

    The 10 Best PC Cases

  • Cooler Master Cosmos C700P - Best Overall


    Cooler Master Cosmos C700P


    Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is among the top-tier PC cases. This massive beast features elegant handlebars, a curved glass panel, and a stylish colour palette. It is ideal for supporting even the most premium components (including oversized GPUs and E-ATX motherboards). 

    Those who are ready to go all out for their PC construction will receive a case with all the necessary components.


    Highly Flexible Layout: The distinctive frame design accommodates a standard, chimney, inverted, or entirely custom configuration. Additionally, the motherboard tray can be removed for installations outside the chassis.

    Intensive Cable Protection System: The three offered covers can be fitted on either the M. Port or the mid-plate, allowing SSD storage or a reservoir to be attached.

    Diverse Support for Liquid Cooling: With the option to be installed on the top, bottom, or front of the frame, a flat radiator bracket design increases the versatility of liquid cooling.

    Glass Side Panel: A side panel made of tempered tinted glass with two curving corners provides a wide view of the system's construction.

    RGB Lighting Management and Sync Up: It helps synchronise the RGB lighting system or change lighting modes with the motherboard from the front I/O panel.

    Rich Connectivity: The advanced I/O panel has a Type-C USB 3.1 (Gen 2) port, four extra USB 3.0 ports, an RGB control button, and a fan speed control button.


    • RBG Lighting System Integration 
    • Customisable Motherboard Layout
    • Extra Rear Panel
    • Extensive Cable Cover System


    • User manual is head-scratching
    • Just three internal drives
  • Fractal Design Define R5 - Best Silent Case

  • Fractal Design Define R5

    The Fractal Design Define R5 is among the most recent iterations of the immensely popular Define Series. The Define R5 chassis achieves the highest level of quiet computing with the deliberate placement of dense sound-absorbing material, ModuVentTM fan vent covers, and finely-tuned Dynamic Series fans. So, you can count it as the best silent case for minimum distraction.

    The Define R5 was created with customizability in mind since it supports up to eight hard drives and any modem graphics card. Let’s explore this fascinating PC case in detail.


    Dust Filters: Removable front and bottom air intake filters keep the case's interior clean and clear of debris.

    Fan Controller: Integrated inside the front panel, the three-speed fan controller supports up to three different fans at once.

    Fan Slot Covers: It is possible to install more fans if needed, but the fan slot covers provided by ModuVentTM allow for optimal sound absorption.

    Tool-Free SSD Mounting: Two dedicated SSD mounts are neatly positioned behind the motherboard tray and include unique new brackets that allow for a tool-free installation and removal of the SSDs.

    Extensive Cooling Support: Radiators up to 420mm in the top, 360mm in the front, and 240mm and 140mm in the bottom and rear regions are accommodated by the R5's radiator design. Nine additional fan slots ensure a quiet and cool system.


    • Whisper Quiet
    • Well Built Material
    • Excellent Cooling Support
    • Excellent Cable Management


    • Strong vibrations
    • SSDs mounting impacts cables
  • NZXT H200i - Best Mini ITX

  • NZXT H200i

    The NZXT H200i is among the best small PC cases that tread a tight line between portability and compactness. NZXT has supported a variety of graphics cards, power supplies, and air/liquid coolers without losing style.

    You can undoubtedly find cases slimmer than the H200i if you're searching for a tiny gaming rig, but they are rarely as well-built.


    Smart Controls: The H200i's one-of-a-kind Smart Device incorporates features from  HUE+ and GRID+ V3 digital controllers, enabling simple control of RGB lighting and fans using CAM software. An interconnected and independently controllable RGB LED strip simplifies customised lighting.

    Outstanding Craftsmanship: The H200i comes in four colour options to suit your preferences, and all models share its beautiful all-steel structure in the latest H-series. The stunning build is highlighted by the tempered glass panel and unique PSU shroud.

    Clean Wiring: This PC box has a new kit for managing cables with pre-installed routes and belts for convenient and simple wiring on the back of the motherboard tray.

    Streamlined Cooling: To make water-cooling installation easier, a front drop-in bracket for radiators up to 280mm and embedded reservoir fitting for custom-loop systems are included. For optimal interior ventilation, three Aer F 120mm fans are included.


    • Ample space behind the motherboard
    • LED stripes built into the top
    • Beautiful glass and steel layout
    • Excellent thermal performance


    • Can be noisy
    • No USB-C ports on the front panel
  • Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB - Best Liquid Cooling

  • Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

    This PC case has the potential to divert attention away from valuable components. You can count on the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB for the best liquid cooling PC case to keep it at minimal temperature. I’ve got a dedicated CPU cooler guide that may help you select this beast’s cooling system.

    Additionally, the Corsair 5000T is packed with LED RGBs, with six RGB strips wrapping around the outside of the case. In addition, the three LL120 fans are set to light up in any hue of the rainbow if desired. Gorgeously built from steel, tempered glass, and plastic, it's somewhat heavy. But still, it's one of the best PC cases for a high-end PC build.


    Multizone-Lightning: This PC case includes 160 RGB LEDs embedded into the roof, front, and floor panels, as well as 48 individually controllable LEDs in the accompanying fans.

    Cool & High-Impact Lighting: Three CORSAIR LL120 RGB fans are included, each with 16 separately controllable RGB LEDs and regulated through PWM from 600 to 1,500 RPM for robust circulation high-impact lighting.

    Maximum Cooling Potential: Its roomy interior accommodates up to ten 120mm or four 140mm cooling fans. Also, you can adjust several 60mm-thick radiators, featuring up to a 360mm on the side or front and a 360mm pull/push on the roof.

    Enough Storage: Three SSD mounts with two combo drive trays allow for numerous SSD and HDD combinations, with up to 5x total 2.5" SSDs or 2x 3.5" HDDs.


    • Robust Look
    • Vibrant RGB Lighting
    • Removable Roof & Front Airflow Panels
    • Superb Cable Management


    • Not all  motherboard supports the front 2 USB panels
    • A bit expensive
  • Corsair Obsidian 1000D - Best Top-Tier

  • Corsair Obsidian 1000D

    The Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D PC case is a titan fit for the biggest and fiercest setups. It is among the best PC cases irrespective of the price. This "super-tower," which stands 27.3 inches tall, has enough room for 18 fans and up to four huge radiators to be fitted at once.


    The Premier Super-Tower Case: The Obsidian 1000D is the most aesthetically pleasing Obsidian Series case to date due to its clean outer design, four glass panels, and fully integrated RGB lighting.

    Transmit And Play Simultaneously: The Obsidian 1000D can house a  Mini-ITX and complete an E-ATX system simultaneously, allowing you to stream and play games from a single enclosure. Two motherboards, two power supplies, and two fully functional PCs within a single case.

    Significant Cooling Options: Up to 18 fan hangs and simultaneous support for four 480mm radiators.

    CORSAIR iCUE: All CORSAIR smart cases include an integrated iCUE controller for instantaneous system control via the CORSAIR iCUE software.

    Future-Resistant Front Panel: Two USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C ports and four USB 3.0 ports provide forthcoming and backward compliant connectivity on a front panel illuminated by RGB LEDs.


    • Excellent Radiator Support
    • Great Water Cooling
    • Stunning Style
    • Two PCs into One Case


    • No pre-installed fans
    • Heavy
  • Fractal Design Meshify-C - Best Mid-Range

  • Fractal Design Meshify-C

    The Fractal Design Define 7 is just what you need if you don't want a jet engine sitting next to your workstation with RGB lights. It's elegantly crafted with clever use of steel. However, some may find the style outmoded and a little dreary.

    This chassis is one of the best mid-range PC cases for noise cancelling and supports E-ATX motherboards.


    Easy-To-Clean Filters: It has quick and easy dust filters on either side of the front panel, as well as on the top and bottom.

    Enough Storage Space: Storage space for up to five hard drives and three SSDs is available. Dedicated SSD mounts under the motherboard tray and an adjustable and detachable drive cage under the PSU shroud allow you to cover up to five storage devices.

    Efficient Air Cooling: Air may be cooled to a great extent with the help of the seven different fan positions. Pre-installed are two Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans for minimal noise, optimal airflow, and a 100,000-hour life expectancy.

    Improved Airflow: The airflow passage from the front intake to the rear exhaust is unimpeded because of the open interior design.


    • Practically Silent
    • Excellent Dust Filtering & Ventilation
    • Compatible With Radiators & Air Cooling
    • Plenty of Activity


    • A bit noisy
    • Triple fan radiator installation is complicated
  • Fractal Design Torrent RGB - Best Air Flow

  • Fractal Design Torrent RGB

    The Torrent is designed to maximise cooling potential right out of the box, with a brand-new component architecture and Prisma RGB PWM or two custom-made 180 x 38 mm Dynamic PWM fans. The Torrent has saved its spot among the best airy PC cases as it is ideal for anyone interested in high-end cooling — with or without a bespoke water loop.


    Excellent Airflow: This PC case is built for outstanding performance at controllable sound levels with the incorporated fan hub. The size, power, and thickness of the 38 mm thick and 180 mm fans offer massive air-moving capability.

    Extremely Breathable: The new arrangement provides excellent GPU cooling. Optional bottom and front nylon filters are provided, allowing the user to choose between dust filtration and increased airflow.

    Streamlined Body: Push/Pull fan combinations and extra-thick radiators up to 420 mm are supported by both the front and bottom panels.

    High Output - Low Noise: This PC case comes with five pre-installed Prisma RGB fans (3x140 mm and 2x180 mm) or Dynamic X2 PWM fans for great performance at controllable sound levels.

    Transparently Easy: Smooth tempered glass panels featuring bolt-free top-latching techniques are used for easy handling.


    • Very Spacious
    • Lightweight
    • Premium Design
    • Excellent Airflow 


    • Fragile front panel plastic
    • Poor cable management
  • Lian-Li PC 011 Dynamic - Best for Modern Design

  • Lian-Li PC 011 Dynamic

    There are many beautiful PC cases on the market, but if you're looking for something exceptional, you should check out the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. This case is not only attractive, but it is also simple to build a PC within, supports water cooling with multiple radiator mounting choices, and can even accommodate two power supply units.


    Elegant Mounting Mechanism for Glass: The steel parts contain two bolts connected to the glass panel making the glass panel easy to install and remove. Wide front glass merges with brush metal in the correct proportion to create a blend of technological and artistic beauty.

    USB Type-C 3.1: Supports lightning-fast transfer speeds and provides convenient access.

    Equipped for Water Cooling: Support from the top, bottom, and sides for a total of three 360 radiators without interruption.

    Dual Power Supply Units: The drive caddy can be exchanged for a second power supply or moved to a lower position.

    Double Layer Cable Management: The angle of the motherboard tray and the cable management bar on the rear panel enclose any cable mess.

    Four Filters for Dust: Magnetic dust filters are installed on the bottom, top, and side panels to prevent dust ingress and accumulation.


    • Modern Architecture
    • Easy to Build 
    • Excellent Radiator Support
    • Optimum For Air Cooling


    • Fans not included
    • Stiff tubing
  • Thermaltake View 51 Snow ARGB Edition - Best For Gaming

  • Thermaltake View 51 Snow ARGB Edition

    The Thermaltake View 51 TG Snow ARGB is one of the best PC cases for gaming enthusiasts. It has dimensions of 21.7 by 12.4 by 20.7 inches. This is one of the largest Extended ATX-compatible full-tower cases I've seen. While its 120mm rear fan and two preinstalled white 200mm ARGB front fans give it design points, its extra-large interior is a joy to work with and a prize for those who value a simple building experience.


    User-Friendly Design: The left-side glass panel of the enclosure is designed to be user-friendly. This hinged and swing-open panel is convenient for making quick adjustments to the internal hardware.

    ARGB Fans: The Thermaltake View 51 Snow ARGB Edition includes three preinstalled ARGB fans. Instead of traditional RGB, you have optimum control over lighting.

    Illuminate the System: 2 Pre-installed 200mm 5V Motherboard Sync ARGB fans and an ARGB front panel light bar are there to light up the entire system.

    Rotating PCI-E 8 Slots: You may display your best graphics cards vertically or horizontally with revolutionary rotatable PCI-E slots.

    Intelligent Space: A sophisticated space layout on the right side of the casing allows for the positioning of the power supply unit and managing cables.


    • Supports Many GPUs
    • Handy I/O Ports
    • Improved in Managing Cables
    • Easily Removable Filters


    • Overly tightened screws 
    • No front and top filters
  • Cooler Master H500P Mesh - Best RGB

  • Cooler Master H500P Mesh

    If you consider yourself a PC aficionado, you must be familiar with Cooler Master. Its design alone gained widespread popularity among PC enthusiasts. As implied by its name, the MasterCase H500P Mesh's most notable modification is the increased usage of mesh panelling. However, it is considered among the best RGB PC cases. It retains the deadly appearance of the original but has been upgraded in various areas.


    Builder Focused: The design of the H500P enables simple disassembly. All of the panels are easily removable, making them excellent for CaseModders who want to paint their PC.

    Ready for Liquid Cooling: The top and front of the MasterCase H500P Mesh White may accept a 360mm radiator.

    Optimisation of Airflow: The front mesh of the H500P Mesh is intended for optimum ventilation.

    Inside Visibility: The MasterCase H500P Mesh features tempered glass side panels with a plastic top cover and light grey tint, making it suitable for displaying your build with (RGB) lighting.


    • Design that stands out
    • Plenty of room inside
    • Excellent fans
    • 200mm RGB fans


    • No vertical GPU mount 
    • Glass side panels can be tricky

    Get Your Best PC Case Now!

    Getting a new computer case is not a brainstorming task. But some people still find a way to mess this up and waste their money by overlooking this essential component.

    Here is my list of the 10 best PC cases in various fields that may help you in building your ultimate PC. Select the one that suits you the most and get along with your exciting task.

    Check out our articles on the best Nvidia Graphics Cards, AMD Graphics Cards, Intel and AMD CPUs.


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